I have been coming to Shirley's Iyengar yoga classes for 6 weeks now and I love it!

The classes include a range of poses(asanas) and under Shirley's guidance ensures the asanas are correct and beneficial

for the level I am at with the correct use of the Iyengar props to support where necessary and for safety.

I have been struggling with lower back pain for the past year and had noticed a loss of strength and movement in my shoulder,

broken several years ago. Shirley has worked with these problems and my strength is returning and my back pain greatly

reduced. The classes are a gentle mix of philosophy, quotes from Guruji Iyengar and a lovely sense of humour. Most of all

Shirley is a highly experienced teacher and I have 100% confidence if she says I can do something, I can. She is also giving me

the confidence to trust my body when I try a new pose. I leave the class feeling taller, straighter, a clearer head and a smile.


After 40 years of sitting at a desk, I was somewhat apprehensive of starting yoga. I needn't have worried. If you have any physical

limitations  Iyengar yoga can cope.  Shirley supervises each person very carefully to make sure you are doing the pose correctly and

in the best way for you.


  Over the past 20 years yoga has played an important role in my life. It keeps my body and mind energised and helps me to cope with the day to day

stresses of a busy lifestyle. Iyengar yoga in particular keeps my body flexible, strengthens my muscles whilst increasing my lung capacity and quietening

my mind.

As I approach my 60's, I reflect on the invaluable benefits of yoga in my life. For me yoga is a pathway to inner peace, harmony and a happy body.

Helen H

Iv'e had the best sleep I have had in ages, and I have been able to reduce my medication.


I always feel taller after yoga.

Christine S